Rehabilitation of the Brest ballast dumping lagoon

Treatment of the Le Havre lagoon

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Industrial site depollution references

Hydrocarbon lagoon treatment - BREST and LE HAVRE examples

For orphan sites, internal deposits, lagoons, waste stocks presenting hygiene and safety problems, it is often technically and economical judicious to deploy risk treatment resources on site rather than to move the residue.

Supported by its Works department, INERTEC designs and realizes on site treatment operations combining varied techniques.

  • Treatment of the most concentrated lots and generally making the site safe using a Reactive Permeable Barrier (Solétanche-Bachy procedure): Example of rehabilitation of the Brest ballast dumping lagoon by an active enclosure and in-situ stabilisation (volume treated: 23,500 m3).
    The combination of treatment processes (in situ stabilisation of the polluted materials and active enclosure with filter gates) allows effective protection of the environment and permits the reuse of the site for industrial purposes. Stabilisation reduces the leaching rate and the filter gates recover any residual leachates.

  • “In situ” treatment of polluted soils and lagoons: Example of in-situ stabilisation of a 15,000 m3 hydrocarbon residue lagoon at Total Gonfreville L'Orcher (volume treated: 15,000 m3).
    The proposed solution is based on in situ treatment in 2 phases:
      1. Pumping of the stagnant and lagoon surface water for treatment in a plant (3,000 m3),
      2. Stabilisation and solidification of bitumens by the use of reagents in pumpable form and in situ mixing.

INERTEC offers economic solutions adapted to the site conditions and the future use envisaged for the site.

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Industrial site depollution references

Rehabilitation of a disused industrial zone- METALEUROP example

Hydrocarbon lagoon treatment - BREST and LE HAVRE examples

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