Industrial site depollution references

Rehabilitation of a disused industrial zone- METALEUROP example

On 12 November 2003, the SITA company was chosen as purchaser of the METALEUROP Nord site, thus making its depollution possible with a view to sustainable economic and social reconversion.

INERTEC participated in the dismantling and rehabilitation of this former industrial site over 2 years, undertaking 2 tasks:

  • The hazardous waste inventory was carried out on the 50 ha of the site, including the 89 abandoned buildings.
    INERTEC technicians thus populated the database, which now comprises 926 references to hazardous wastes.
    The Geographical Information System coupled database was specially designed for the project. This tool allowed the traceability of wastes during the works, from their initial location in the production installations to their confinement after treatment, in the internal cell.

  • The treatment operations performed concerned four main pollution families: Dusts containing heavy metals such as zinc, lead and antimony, muds and acid catalysts soiled with mercury, corrosive muds and dusts with high arsenic content and cadmium residues. The formulas developed in the laboratory were implemented in 2 campaigns undertaken at the end of 2004 and end of 2005/start of 2006. The mobile unit specially installed on the site thus allowed the treatment by stabilisation neutralisation of 7780 tonnes of hazardous waste.

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Industrial site depollution references

Rehabilitation of a disused industrial zone- METALEUROP example

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