Waste expertise

Research & Development

To develop tomorrow’s technical solutions, INERTEC undertakes Research and Development activities in various fields, by itself or through partnerships with research organisations.

The themes addressed are notably:

  • The development of new procedures, in particular for the recycling of waste and contaminated materials,
  • Study of the long term behaviour of wastes or stabilized polluted soils, notably based on the examination of industrial implementations,
  • Participation in the preparation of French and European standards for the analysis of wastes and/or polluted soils,
  • The development of new water and waste treatment processes,
  • Studies of special problems: plant protection products, mining residues, asbestos…

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Waste expertise

Research & Development

Waste analysis & characterisation

Technical resources from laboratory to pilot

Waste stabilisation and solidification

Stabilisation and solidification processes


Storage of hazardous wastes

Stabilisation and solidification units

Waste treatment

Sediments, sludges, muds

Petroleum residues

Steelworks muds

Recycling example for the agricultural business

Industrial site depollution references

Rehabilitation of a disused industrial zone- METALEUROP example

Hydrocarbon lagoon treatment - BREST and LE HAVRE examples

Discharge rehabilitation - FFM and PEM examples