Waste expertise

Technical resources from laboratory to pilot

The INERTEC laboratory, located on the Vernon (Normandy) site, brings together engineers and technicians undertaking analysis, characterization, process development, feasibility studies and long term behaviour studies.

The following analyses are performed:

    • Global physical and chemical parameter measurements (pH, conductivity, soluble fraction, loss by combustion...),
    • ICP analyses: Major (calcium, potassium, sodium, magnesium,…), metals (lead, zinc, cadmium, chrome, nickel, copper, mercury, arsenic,…),
    • Spectrophotometric analyses: Chrome VI, COD, phenols, cyanides,
    • Ionic chromatography analyses (sulphates, phosphates, nitrates, nitrites, bromides, fluorides, chlorides),
    • Organic analyses (Total Organic Carbon).
    The Vernon site also allows the evaluation of the transition of a process to a semi-industrial scale, which can have the objective of:
      • Validating equipment,
      • Validating a succession of unit operations,
      • Studying mass effects (Temperatures, gaseous emissions, reaction speed…),
      • Studying the behaviour of the treated material over time.

    Because of the closeness of the pilot test hall to the laboratory, all the necessary instrumentation can be set up; close analytic monitoring is assured, allowing the conduct of the test to be adjusted as needed.

    These activities are performed in the Valmaris technology centre (A technology network and centre for risk and environment control) where our research centre is located.

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