Waste stabilisation and solidification

Stabilisation and solidification units

A stabilisation/solidification unit is an industrial treatment centre whose aim is to obtain at its output a stabilized product admissible to a Hazardous Wastes Storage Landfill Facility.
It comprises mainly the following components:

  • Storage silos and tanks: Wastes and reagents.
  • Conveyor system (Archimedean screw, belt conveyor),
  • Component weighing and dosing chain,
  • Mixing module,
  • Installation automatic controller and supervisory system.

The industrial implementation of the stabilization/solidification processes calls for special engineering including notably the following steps:
  • Studies needed to prepare the regulatory files,
  • Chemical engineering studies to determine the treatment formulation,
  • Outline Design, Detailed Design studies,
  • Industrial unit construction,
  • Unit mechanical acceptance and commissioning,
  • Technical and chemical assistance to operation throughout life.

Our proposal can be set out in the form of turnkey contracts, prime contracting or customer technical assistance.

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