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INERTEC is highly involved in the development of material recycling routes, supporting its industrial clients.

Waste treatment

Recycling example for the agricultural business

Industrial activities generate sub product and residue flows whose disposal or treatment routes often need to be optimized to move towards the Clean Factory concept.

The reuse and recycling of industrial wastes or sub products are increasingly present objectives in industrial companies strategies.

INERTEC develops solutions to transform different residues into new value added products.

As an example we have constructed an industrial unit allowing transformation of sub products from the preparation of titanium dioxide.
The manufacturing process for this pigment generates a waste acid solution, which is reconcentrated and reused at the input to the process. After various operations, this reconcentration generates acid salts that cannot be satisfactorily included in an approved process.
For its client, INERTEC developed an industrial facility allowing these sub products to be reused as agricultural fertilizer, wih a production capacity of 45,000 tonnes/year.

Left: Exchanger circuit; Right: Mixer agitator

The main technical characteristics of the industrial unit:
  • 2 manufacturing lines in operation 24h/24 - 250 days/year,
  • Useful volume of each reactor 6,000 litres,
  • Reaction temperature 180°C – pressure regulated at 2.5 bars absolute,
  • INOX 904L for the reactors - INOX 316L for the frame,
  • Gas washing system (scrubber).

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Recycling example for the agricultural business

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