Pollution generally observed: Contamination by heavy metals and/or hydrocarbons,

  • Treatment cost at the expense of the industrial companies, local authorities or autonomous ports.
  • Treatment difficulties: Large variation in pollution in the same deposit, odours…

Waste treatment

Sediments, sludges, muds

In France the volume of polluted sediments is estimated at several million cubic metres. These sediments can be extracted during cleansing work for off site treatment but can also be treated in situ.

INERTEC has developed a 3 phases treatment solution:
    Phase 1
      • On site sampling,
      • Analysis and diagnosis in the Inertec laboratory (physical and chemical characterization…).
    Phase 2
      • Construction of the best technical and economic solution (in situ, on site, off site),
      • Development of the technical procedure.

    Phase 3: Operational implementation
      • In situ: In situ reagent/pollutant mixture for lasting treatment without sediment extraction,
      • On site: Excavation/sorting then treatment in a fixed unit,
      • Off site: Dehydration then removal off site for recycling, additional treatment or storage.

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Waste treatment

Sediments, sludges, muds

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