Waste treatment

Steelworks muds

Recent developments in raw material prices are encouraging industrial companies to seek recycling or reuse solutions.

Among steel making residues, the muds arising from blast furnace gas washing have been at the heart of INERTEC research for several years. Deposits on steel production sites are large in terms of both stocks and flows.

INERTEC has developed partnerships with companies and specialized research laboratories with the aim of finding a second life for these products, notably by recycling to the start of manufacture.

More and more steel industry companies are turning towards INERTEC with the aim of:

  • Preserving the environment and economizing on raw materials,
  • Reducing internal storage of hazardous materials,
  • Achieving economic gains by increasing the reusable fraction of their sub-products.

INERTEC has thus started down the hydrometallurgy route for selective extraction of elements from muds or dusts. This allows the recovery of a reusable element from a sub product, or the removal of a “poison” preventing the recycling of this sub product at the heart of the industrial process.

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